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Sarah’s Volunteering Journey

Her dedication to volunteering at Yarborough Parkrun, in Lincoln, embodies the spirit of community service and personal growth, and we are proud to share her story. Sarah highly values connection and community and her regular volunteering at Yarborough Parkrun is the perfect opportunity to get out and about. Most Saturday, she either participates or volunteers… See more

In a mental health emergency – can you share staff data?

New guidance has been published by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) to help employers with whether they can share staff data if they have a mental health emergency. An employer may become aware that an employee, because of their mental health, is at risk of causing serious harm to others or themselves. In this situation,… See more

Spring Budget – Reduction in capital gains tax higher rate

A couple of changes were made to capital gains tax (CGT) allowances and tax rates in the Spring Budget that will be of particular interest to anyone that owns residential property in addition to their own home. Annual exemption Each individual has a CGT annual exemption – an amount of capital gain that you can… See more

Spring Budget – High-Income Child Benefit Charge changes mean benefits for more

The High Income Child Benefit Charge (HICBC) has attracted a lot of criticism since its introduction because of the way it penalises couples that have a single high earner. Currently, a couple where the two parents both earn £49,000 each are unaffected by the HICBC. However, another couple where one parent earns £60,000 while the… See more

Spring Budget – Furnished Holiday Lettings regime to be abolished

If you run a holiday let, then you are likely well aware of the useful tax advantages that holiday lets have had for many years. Because furnished holiday lets can be treated as a trade rather than as a rental property, there are more generous deductions against income available. Also, there has been a significant… See more

VAT on period pants scrapped

Women will save up to £2 on period pants on average as the government scraps VAT on the underwear From 1 January, women will save up to 16% on period pants following a pledge to scrap the tax made by the Chancellor Jeremy Hunt at the Autumn Statement 2023 and follows the end of the… See more