Entrepreneurial Business Planning and Advice

At Saul Fairholm we offer and provide a number of financial solutions and business plans to help and assist you with any financial difficulties that you may find yourself in.

We have been delivering business finance to companies and businesses of all sizes and statures for a number of years now, with our team of highly experienced staff doing their utmost to stabilise your company situation.

Why is it important for an entrepreneur to have a business plan?

It is imperative that a company draws up a business plan when looking to succeed, Saul Fairholm are on hand to help you devise and establish a business plan to help take you to that next step and assist in your development.

A business plan will help you to plan for the long term and navigate the short-term. Managing not only the goals and ambitions of your business but helping you to mitigate potential risks and challenges.

What is in a business plan?

The core components of a business plan are:

  • An executive summary: A general overview of your business, it’s mission and key information.
  • Products or services: What your business is selling, including it’s pricing as well as potential information regarding manufacturing or development.
  • Market Analysis: An exploration of the market conditions including competitors, an overview of customers and their wants and needs and potential challenges.
  • Financial planning: Including financial statements, budgets and cashflow projections, capital investment requirements, balance sheets and other information that is key to the day to day management of the business’s finances.

Our team can help you with your business plan

We will take on all aspects of the business plan from, firstly the written side of things, right through to the budgets and cash flow that will help you reach your goals. No matter the reason, whether you are looking to raise capital to grow your own business and you need financing or you are looking into investment, corporate finance is an avenue that should be looked into at every stage and we have our own independent team of advisors that deal directly with corporate finance are able to guide you through every step of the process.

As a company we are always available to discuss any form of financing that you may be looking to explore to try and achieve stability and success within your business and are always on hand to thoroughly discuss these possible opportunities and solutions with our clients.

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