By Niamh Tracey | 29 August, 2023

Celebrating Our Employee Achievements

Our employees at Saul Fairholm are not just great at their jobs, they have hobbies and talents that we want to celebrate. Below are a few stories of their achievements outside of work that we believe should be shared.

Michelle, Accounts Senior – Accounting Qualification 

Michelle has recently passed the ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) qualification. 

“I feel relieved and proud to have achieved my ACCA membership as I have made several sacrifices over the years to pass the exams needed. 


“These exams are difficult, and a lot of time is needed to prepare yourself. This took a lot of dedication to studying and time away from my husband and children, but it is worth it now and will help me progress in my career.” 


Sara , Administrator – Karate  

Karate can be traced back 1400 years developed in the Ryukyu Kingdom (Japanese Islands), using punching, kicking, knee strikes, elbow strikes, and open-hand techniques such as knife-hands. It is a very popular sport with hundreds of thousands of partakers in the UK alone. 

“I started doing karate when my son joined. I was sitting watching him and Jo, the karate instructor, said: “While you’re watching, why don’t you give it a try?” So, I did! I never thought that I would eventually achieve what I have. 

“I will receive my full certificate and belt in January 2024. Part of the 4th Dan (ranking system) test includes press-ups, sit-ups, wall kicks, Katas (a detailed choreographed pattern of martial arts movements made to be practiced alone) along with demonstrating different types of punches and kicks. 

“The next grading for 5th Dan will be in four years’ time. Black belt testing takes place twice a year, either in April or December. The highest level you can achieve is 10th Dan.  

“I train twice a week for an hour at a time at Jo’s Dojo (A dōjō is a hall or place for immersive learning, experiential learning or meditation. Traditionally in the field of martial arts.) but leading up to testing, I practice three times a week.” 

Sara, Rebecca, Payroll Manager, Charlotte, Administrator and Sarah, Tax Director – Parkruns 

Parkrun is a free community weekly international event held on Saturday mornings, established in 2004 and organised by volunteers. You can walk, jog, run, volunteer or spectate. There are over 1,000 locations to join a parkrun in the UK and it is held in over 20 different countries. The route is 5k for adults or 2k for children and families. 

Sara, Rebecca, Charlotte and Sarah have all competed in parkruns and they have shared their experiences below. 

Sara explained: “I have recently completed 100 parkruns! Had Covid not happened I would have achieved this sooner. I have a T-shirt to show my achievement. When you achieve certain milestones within parkrun you are invited to buy t-shirts that show the corresponding number of parkruns you have achieved, i.e, 100, 250 and so on. 

“You can volunteer to be a marshall along the course, and if not a marshall, other roles are always needing to be filled. I have volunteered six times. 

Charlotte achieved her personal best of 33 minutes 53 seconds at the parkrun at Doddington Hall (around four miles from Lincoln) and Rebecca’s personal best is 29 minutes 23 seconds. 

Sarah said: “I only started running in late 2019 after joining a local group and following the C25k (Couch to 5k), which is a mobile app that contains training plans that gradually progress toward a 5k run over nine weeks. The final week of these group sessions was attempting the parkrun in Lincoln, (three anti-clockwise laps of Boultham Park) and so began a new activity, which I loved (it’s an obsession as my children say!) 

“My 50th parkrun was in April while I was in London for the weekend. It felt such an achievement to have kept up running over the last few years and to have reached that milestone. 

“Parkrun is such a great community and I’ve met lots of lovely friendly people both running and volunteering. 

“Whenever I go away for the weekend, I check the location for the closest parkrun run. I also try to volunteer regularly.”