By admin | 19 October, 2021

Lincoln Book Festival: Saul Fairholm delighted to support arts in Lincolnshire

The Practice was once again delighted to Sponsor the Annual Lincoln Book Festival. This is the fourth time that the Practice has acted as sponsor, upholding our belief that, as a prominent business in the City of Lincoln, it is important to promote the Arts throughout Lincolnshire.

The author we chose to sponsor this year was Annie Garthwaite who has just published her first novel  CECILY, an incisive and deeply researched account  of the life of the matriarch of the House of York during the Wars of the Roses – and the mother of Edward IV and Richard III.

One of our Associates, Greg and a new member of our team Janis, attended the Festival and afterwards Greg met with Annie and one of the Lincoln Book Festival Trustees, Claudia, over dinner.

Greg has commented: “Annie’s talk was extremely informative and gave insight into a time in history from a point of view which has so often been overlooked. Annie has a keen appreciation of the role that women played in the key historical events of Medieval England.

Having started to read CECILY Annie’s style of writing takes the reader right into the heart of the life of Cecily, skilfully recreating the historical map of the Wars of the Roses from the heroine’s perspective, whilst still rigidly adhering to the historical facts.

Even though CECILY is an historical novel Annie has made sure that artistic licence does not presume to divert from historical truth, a common failing in the depiction of history in so much of the modern media.

Afterwards to be able to sit and talk with Annie, and Claudia who heads up English at Bishop Grosseteste University, was delightful and enabled me to understand the driving force behind Annie’s desire to write CECILY and also a sequel to the novel which Annie is currently working on.

If you love reading historical novels, I honestly believe you will love this. Not an easy book to put down!”.

If you would like to know more about Annie Garthwaite and her writing you can find her at  Copies of CECILY are available to buy in bookshops everywhere – most notably at the festival’s bookshop, Lindum Books on Lincoln’s Bailgate.

Claudia has expressed her gratitude on behalf of the Trustees for the support given to the Lincoln Book Festival by Saul Fairholm and has suggested that for future events the Trustees would like to liaise with us more closely.