By Niamh Tracey | 31 May, 2024

Sarah’s Volunteering Journey

This National Volunteers Week, we are excited to celebrate our Tax Director, Sarah’s contribution to the local community.

Her dedication to volunteering at Yarborough Parkrun, in Lincoln, embodies the spirit of community service and personal growth, and we are proud to share her story.

Sarah highly values connection and community and her regular volunteering at Yarborough Parkrun is the perfect opportunity to get out and about. Most Saturday, she either participates or volunteers at parkrun immersing herself in an environment that is friendly, welcoming, and inclusive.

Sarah said: ‘Whilst volunteering at parkrun is about giving back and enabling the events to happen, I find myself receiving so much in return. It is more than just a task, it’s about fostering a sense of belonging and building lasting relationships with like-minded people.’

For Sarah, weekends have taken on a new meaning since she started volunteering at Parkrun. The variety of roles she takes on, from marshalling to timekeeping, offers her a fulfilling way to spend her Saturdays. Knowing that her efforts contribute to the smooth running of the event and help participants achieve their fitness goals gives Sarah a profound sense of purpose. Her commitment to making a difference shines through in every role she undertakes.

Sarah’s journey at Parkrun has also been marked by personal growth – taking on roles that challenge her.

‘I often find myself stepping out of my comfort zone and trying to build my confidence. At New Year I gave the ‘first timers briefing’ to a big group of people which was a big challenge for me. Despite the initial nerves, I was able to guide and encourage the newcomers which was very rewarding’ added Sarah.


Among her various roles, Sarah has a special fondness for tail walking. This role allows her to combine her love for the outdoors with meaningful interactions. Volunteering as tail waler involves walking alongside different participants, ensuring that no one is left behind. The conversations she has during these walks are often the highlight of her week, as she listens to unique stories and shares in the participants’ experiences.

Sarah’s journey with Parkrun is a testment to her character and a brilliant example of how volunteering can enrich the lives of not only those benefitting from the help, but your own as well.

At Saul Fairholm, we actively encourage our team to volunteer, and we invite organisations to reach out to us about any causes we may be able to get involved with.